Gay Hunks


Gay Hunk II

Available in Android Market

Gay Hunks is a free gay game with sexy guys in swimwear lazing about a spa.

Basically, this is a bubble popping game with a bit of eye candy thrown in!

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To conquer each level you have to lower the water level in the spa. Each level drop reveals more gay guy eye candy. To assist you, a devious laser beam shooting duck is at your control. Move him into optimal firing range then burst the bubbles directly above! The duck will vaporize water drops when bubbles are popped in range of its laser.

Power ups become available as the water level drops making each level easier to deal with. More bubbles will emerge for popping with each level drop, but you can burst more at the same time with the power bubbles.

Wait for bubbles to align before using power-ups. Multiple power-ups are more effective when used in the right sequence. Tap and drag the duck to set its destination and keep it in range.

Gay Hunk 2 is the last in the gay hunk series. It is made for gay guys who like popping bubbles and admiring fit muscular men.

Disclaimer: The sexual orientation of the models is unknown and irrelevant. The duck is gay and he wants to see.
There is no nudity in this game.

A free gay game made for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the curious.

Gay Hunk 2 Screenshot

Available in Android Market

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